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Which drug is in Mucinex that is working for pain? Can you get a perscription for it?

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kaismama 19 Mar 2013

It doesn't work for pain. Its quifenesin.

kaismama 19 Mar 2013

If you've heard the myth from more then 20 yrs ago, its false, its just some quack Dr trying to sell is overpriced pills. With a disease like ours there will be a quack now and them to take advantage of the fact that there is no cure.

DzooBaby 20 Mar 2013

Guaifenesin is the drug in Mucinex. There were some studies that had shown that Guaifenesin might be helpful for fibromyalgia pain but I'm not sure how true that is. I dont know of anyone who has tried it that got good consistent relief. You can get Guaifenesin by prescription, yes, and you can try it if you want but dont expect much.

DzooBaby 20 Mar 2013

Guaifenesin is an expectorant drug. It is also the main ingredient in Robitussin. In high doses it can cause stomach pain and cramping however.

Fragilexmom 20 Mar 2013

If Mucinex could stop pain, all the Drs would be prescribing It. Mucinex is an OTC and in prescription. Be careful of the many scams to get your money.

madhupjoshimd 20 Mar 2013

Mucinex helps in clearing mucus.
I am unaware of any pain relief except from clearing of one's sinuses if they are blocked due to mucus.
Madhup Joshi, MD
Maui, Hawaii

Dannian 20 Mar 2013

Depending on the area that is in pain Mucinex main ingredient may help Mucinex works by making the fluids in your body flow more easily with less of a sludge effect. Think for a minute about the different consistency between oil and gasoline

If there is a build up of fluid in the sinus area or gallbladder and maybe even bladder and kidneys, Mucinex may help
It is not a pain killer but it can help relieve pressure that is causing some of the pain
Wishing you well

PoisonAlice 24 Mar 2013

There's a medication that's in some forms of Mucinex called dextromethorphan, it's used as a cough suppressant and is in most forms of Robitussin too. That might be what you're thinking of too. There are currently studies being done on if it's effective on fibromyalgia pain. In higher doses, it's been found to be effective some of the time for nerve pain. The others are right about the other ingredient. Some quack started this protocol with it and it's been found to have absolutely no effect on fibromyalgia, though there are still plenty of people out there that swear by it. free discount card

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