Specifically I mean why is this happening? But also does anyone know of any other drugs that this happening to? Here are the ones I know of.

Back last Spring or Summer it seems to have started with the OTC drug, Imodium. Specifically the pills in the box. The liquid is still available. There are also still some of the generics made, on the shelf. But the boxes are gone.

Tylenol was also gone for several months. First regular Tylenol in all it's varieties and then Tylenol PM. Around here Tylenol PM came back first, and now several of the regular varieties. But it's only a small number of boxes on the shelf. A year ago, a large supermarket or drug store might have several hundred boxes of Tylenol in all strengths and pill types. No more. Why?

Next I heard of Adderall Immediate Release in all sizes. I think Adderall XR is still available.

The latest is the Name Brand Subutex, which is the drug Buprenorphine as a sub lingual pill. What happened to it? And from what my doc told me, we should soon see Suboxone tablets becoming scarce. He said the parent company of this line of meds wants everyone on Suboxone Film Strips and that's why this is happening. However, I don't know where he got that info from, so I don't know how true it is.

Does anyone know of any other drugs effected, whether OTC or prescription?

Does anyone know why this is happening?

Can this have anything to do with the Earthquake and Tsunami that devastated Japan? I mention this because someone on another board, a more International board than this one, said something about the severe drug shortages now facing the Japanese people, and he issued a dire warning to the rest of us about our dependencies on all kinds of drugs. And we are now facing shortages in the USA. I'm even wondering if this is happening all over the country? So I'm asking here because I presume ppl from all over come here. I'm on the North East Coast. Where is this happening? I have become quite concerned.