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When considering drug interaction, does the information given, apply to drugs taken hours apart ?

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Inactive 5 Dec 2012

Hello Jrc118. In regards to psychiatric/CNS, drugs, yes it does. Regards pledge

kaismama 5 Dec 2012

The interactions spoken of are in your blood not your stomach. So its not if you take them together, but if they are both in your blood stream.

dragonmist 6 Dec 2012

So much depends on what drugs you are talking about. If, as said above, they should not be in your bloodstream at the same time, then yes it applies. Many drug - food interactions, however, like as in nutritional supplements, may be spaced apart. My suggestion is that you ask your pharmacist. They usually have up to date info about specific drugs and their interactions, some of which are not on the printout you get with the script. Interesting question, will you keep us posted?

Jrc118 6 Dec 2012

Thank you for the help. The drugs in question are Plavix and Omeprazole. I've since read some conflicting reports. Even my Dr. has never said anything concerning it. JRC118

kaismama 6 Dec 2012

In this case yes I would take them at different times, because of the change in stomach acid for absorbtion. But we're not really talking interaction here, just effect of the medication.

Jrc118 6 Dec 2012

Thank you Kaismama. You solved a big questionable problem for me. I never thought about stomach acid in stomach only. You're right, it is not an interaction. Thanks again. JRC118 free discount card

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