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Can this drug cause intenchenal mutalition?

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kaismama 24 Jan 2015

I don't know what drug you are talking about, but no drug can cause intentional harm to anyone. The FDA would be on it and blocking it.

TraceyNighbor 24 Jan 2015

Well I have read the side affects of this drug and it does clearly state that there's intenual harm and uncontrollable mood swings and other uncontrollable issues

kaismama 24 Jan 2015

Ok back up, what drug? I need to read that for myself.

chuck1957 25 Jan 2015

Tracey I have never heard of a drug that can do this.But before we can try and help you I or we need the name of the drug or medication can you get the bottle and type the name of the drug... you really have me wondering now.

angel1662 25 Jan 2015

Hello TraceyNighbor
I have to go with kaismama and Chuck on this one I have never heard of this myself and most importantly without you telling us what medication you are talking about we cannot do research to help answer the? So as Chuck stated get the bottle and let us no what the name of the medication is... also if you don't want to let us no and you are so worried you can call your local pharmacy and talk to them about it, but we need to no the name of the med so we can help... free discount card

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