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When drug information says "excursions" to a certain temperature, what does "excursion" mean?

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Stephen Treloar 12 Jun 2017

In this context, "excursion" means a movement away from normal body temperature. Temperature will go up but come down naturally; multiple times.

Windchimes123 12 Jun 2017

Hi Stephen,
This is fascinating! I've never seen it on drug info and wouldn't have known either..
Can you go into detail like how it's used on the literature and then the meaning again.
Thanks so much.

Stephen Treloar 13 Jun 2017

In context e.g. "The patient had a nasty infection and was running a high fever. The patient's body temperature was variable at around 100 F with excursions to 104 F."

Windchimes123 13 Jun 2017

Thank you, my friend.
Now I get it. Lol free discount card

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