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What drug is good for severe menstrual pains?

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kaismama 24 Sep 2013

Naprosyn (aleve) is good for it.

DzooBaby 24 Sep 2013

Naproxen (Or Aleve) is good for short term control. If this is an ongoing chronic issue, sometimes Drs will use birth control pills to lessen your flow and decrease menstrual pain.

suzanne66 24 Sep 2013

What have you tried?
Acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen and Naproxen are available other the counter without a prescription. If you have tried these and they don't work, or the pain is severe, you should see your doctor.

HeadStarter 25 Sep 2013

Hello Gyasi and welcome to DC. I believe you should be talking with your gyn. What is causing this severe pain would be concerning to me. Do you have any growths, cysts or endometriosis perhaps? What has your doctor suggested? I sure don't want to suggest meds before knowing what's the diagnosis or other treatments tried.

Can you add more information to your question... it is easy and you can update it as needed.


lucyb78 25 Sep 2013

I have very severe pain with my periods too. Ponstel worked pretty good for me. Birth control definitely helps for sure. I agree with Mary to talk to your ob/gyn to see if you have anything like cysts or endo going on. There is a minor surgery called laparoscopy that can help with things like that. Take care. I know how horrible cramps can be! There is help out there. free discount card

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