I am so depressed and feel helpless. I have been depressed at some level most my life but the past few years it has become extreme. Through the years of depression not much has helped. I have tried prosac, paxil, rispidol, wellbutrin, lithium,lamictal,,cymbalta, lexapro, celexa, zoloft, klonipin. Currently on cymbalta, lithium (which scares me), lamictal, and klonipin. I have been crying for the last week practically constantly. I cannot take too much more. I have tried so many with no results. What is wrong with me? I saw my psychiatrist today who is taking me off the lithium because the intensity of the crying seemed to be just about the time she added lithium and adding Abilify which I also have taken about 5 years ago and got a small degree of effectiveness. I feel like I am at my last chance. I am defeated.