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What is the drug flumox used for?

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27 Sep 2012

You're sure you spelled that correctly?

Anonymous 27 Sep 2012

I agree KM. I wondered myself about the spelling.

27 Sep 2012

It is used for alot of infections such as, ear, nose, respiratory, throat, bone, and many other infections, your doctor should explain the benefits and risk of taking this meds, but it helps a wide range of infections. Hope this helps

Southern girl 27 Sep 2012

That is correct Kelly, you are so full of knowledge.

kaismama 27 Sep 2012

Does he mean floxacillin? I was leaning toward flomax.

kellyandtodd 29 Sep 2012

Flumox is a trade name for amoxicillin and a few others, so i was under the impression that is what he was asking about. but if not maybe he can rewrite the question.


27 Sep 2012

Hello bbakerguy. I could not find listing for "flumox" Could you clarify? Appreciated, pledge

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