.. I just found out my husband has a crack addicton and we are going thorough . divorce. He me to give him shared parenting, which is an absolute no! I found out yesterday he is still using crack. I was just wondering if losing his daughter isnt enough, when will he hit rock bottom? He has some money that he gets from SS and he's buying crack. He is skinny, his teeth look more yellow/brown and he has an easy place to go and smoke it. I tried to go look for him one night i knew he was high, but couldnt find him. I called rescue crisis and they told me to call the police. I called the police and had them go to his new residence, and wasnt there. His family has basically turned their back on him and I dont know what to do. When the cops showed up, I was hoping he'd be there and get caught , so he can live a few more days or seek help. They told the cop I make things up and to not worry. The cops didnt do anything. How can I help him if cant help himself? He's going to end up dead