... accident and then an atv accident that almost took my life and after being on and off of meds (d/t running low or out before the next script) I am sick of them, I had to go to the er this time for fluids the vomiting got so severe, this is the first time that I vomited. I want to feel me again, happy with a desire to live life and enjoy my family, not numb and having a pill control my emotions. Helppppp!!! This is the first time that I'm reaching out in three years. I need my life back, please someone can you give me hope. I pray and know that God heard me. I have faith, Ive had to tell my family that I have a bug. Two days off of work n no energy to speak of. I can't go to the dr and get benzos and sleep is an hour or two at a time, but I'm hopeful this will return soon. I was on norcos 10/325 and then percs 10/325 that is my current med and I'm fed up!!!