Hi, I have a 15 year old son with Autism, he has severe aggression when he gets mad, so he is on a few meds. He is taking Depakote 250mg 2x a day for Mood, Klonipin 0.5mg for Anxiety 3 times a day, Abilify 5mg for Aggression Once a day & Prozac 20mg once a day for OCD. I am worried that this might be too much meds for him. His aggression seems to be returning when he gets angry and the Dr wants to increase the Depakote. I am worried about it because of the warning of side effects. He also wanted to add Propranolol for the restlessness. Looking for input on these meds. Is it to much? Would he benefit from the Propranolol. Would it interact with these other meds? Thank you.