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If a drug should be taken before eating and I ate and frogot to take it when I can take it ?

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Inactive 17 Feb 2012

Hello mira magdy. It depends upon the drug but generally, the next time you are scheduled to take it. Its usually not recommended to take it earlier or double up on the medication. You might ask your pharmacist to confirm or get her/his opinion. Best of wishes,pledge

mira magdy 17 Feb 2012

no i mean when i can take the drug inorder to the food to be digested

Inactive 17 Feb 2012

I can't really tell you because you've not mentioned the name of the drug,pledge

Inactive 18 Feb 2012

What drug are you talking about? No one can answer your question because you are not being clear. It sounds like a drug to help you digest your food. Is that correct? Please psot what the name of the drug is & your condition... free discount card

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