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Is there a drug for anxiety that if taken and eventually discontinued will NOT cause a withdrawal?

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Robert_325 27 Feb 2012

You can take an anxiety med like klonopin but it should only be used for very short periods, as in a week or ten days if possible. There are supplements like Kava, Valerian Root, go to a GNC or similar vitamin / supplement store and they can show you everything they have. Tell them you're coming off opiates and they can guide you to the supplements specifically for that sort of thing. No reason to be bashful, or embarrassed, just do it! Hope that helps.

lindamine 28 Feb 2012

I am on suboxone, as a recovery med from opiate abuse, so I am real careful about my anxiety meds. I don't just have anxiety, but full blown Panic disorder. I welcome anxiety, compared to the Panic I normally have... anxiety is a good day for me. (Sorry to go on about this, just want people to understand the difference-2 completely different things)
Anyhow... an answer my psychiatrist and I are using, is Clonodine. It is often used for anti-anxiety. It is mainly prescribed as a high blood pressure med. I believe its' course of action is a calcium channel blocker. Any of this type of med may help you with anxiety.
I take 2mg of clonodine at night(also helps me sleep), and on some days, I will take about .5mgs in the daytime. I DO have a script for either XANAX or KLONOPIN at my disposal, but I generally try the clonodine first, and if that doesn't help I move on to Xanax. My Klonopin sits in the bottle, unused-too potent for me.
I am very very careful with any med with an orange sticker (in NYS all controlled substances have this-lol). In my old days, it's all I ever looked for. Now, I am so so careful--I never want to go back there.

I believe this information to be correct, but PLEASE check with your doctor.
Also, I take Prozac which has lessened the amount of Panic Attacks that I get.
I am a Bipolar, so I have a very long laundry list of meds for different reasons.

But this Clonodine is used often for patients with anxiety... another med that helps me is Lyrica... this is a new off label use for this med.
I try and switch them all around (with pdocs advice) so I don't become dependant on one of them.

I am a crazy lady!!!
Good luck to you and I hope this helped you somewhat. If not, I hope for you to find a proper answer.
Anxiety is horrible and unless one has suffered with it, people can not understand the enormity it is to live with day in and day out.
Good Luck,

dsac6060 28 Feb 2012

You are not a crazy lady at all!!! I appreciate you taking the time out to type that to me. I am already prescribed Clonodine but I do not like how it makes me feel. I take even a 1/4 of a .1mg pill and it makes me so sleepy, I cannot function. Also, my hands become kind of swollen which I read is a dangerous side effect and a doctor should be contacted immediately. They first had me on Celexa, but I said no way because I have always been afraid of meds that mess with the SSRI. I know that when i have my panic attacks my father gives me a .25 alprazolam i beieve it is??? He is also diagnosed with anxiety and stress. Could this be family related?

Patiently Waiting 19 Jun 2012

I believe all nervous system problems are inherited.. nerves, anxiety, blood pressure.. some mental illness has been proven to be handed down through family. My answer is yes. If your dad has it you are more susceptible to have what he has. free discount card

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