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What drug is an alternative to oxycontin mine does not work anymore?

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MacIntosh12 5 Mar 2013

Hi bwrod06, have you built up a tolerance to OxyContin? We, most folk that take an opiate pain med, tend to develop a tolerance to the medication at some point in time. IF it worked for you previously, there is a chance that you have just built up your tolerance to it. You may only need a dose adjustment. OR, if you no longer want to take OxyContin, there are many pain meds on the market that may work very well for you.
Best wishes to you,
p.s. there is a pain med called Oxymorphone that may work better for you, but hang in there, we have a few nurses that REALLY know their stuff, I know at least one of them may answer your question.

bwrod06 5 Mar 2013

not really wishing to up the dosage im at 40 already

kaismama 5 Mar 2013

40 mg of oxycontin is a very low dose.

bwrod06 5 Mar 2013

40 mg 4x a day

kaismama 5 Mar 2013

I agree with Lara about tolerance, and there are other long acting pain meds that might help too. Fentanyl patches are good, and so is exalgo or opana.

bwrod06 5 Mar 2013

i reallu dont want a patch i have back pain,neck pain and nerve pain down my leg

bwrod06 5 Mar 2013

do i put a patch in each place?

bwrod06 5 Mar 2013

what is exalago and opana??

DzooBaby 5 Mar 2013

I'm starting to have the same trouble. I have been on OxyContin since 2004/2005, somewhere in there, and it has always worked well then they switched the formula a few years back and it has not worked the same since (and I dont crush, break or alter the pills in any way) There are a lot of other options-you could try MSContin-there is a generic for this medicine and it is probably the most cost effective one, if cost is an issue. Kadian is also a long acting morphine product-the delivery system is a bit different with Kadian. There is Opana ER which is a long acting oxymorphone product. They recently reformulated that one too and some have said it doesnt work as good as the old formula but if you have never had it before, that may not be a problem for you.

bwrod06 5 Mar 2013

what is Kadian

DzooBaby 6 Mar 2013

Kadian is a long acting morphine. It releases a bit different than MSContin. There are a lot of options out there. Ask your Dr what he feels your next best step is. I'm sure that if you see a pain management Dr, he/she is familiar with all of these. If you dont see a pain management Dr then you might want to ask for a referral to see one. They do a better job at managing pain than a primary care Dr. does.

mrsgatoram 14 Oct 2013

I am also having this problem.i had a surgery back in 2002 that the doc screwed up and did a lot of damage so ive been in pain since then. i started i guess as most do on percocet .then from there increase and increase. now im on oxy 60 mgs 3 x a day. my prob isnt so much is doesnt work but its when i wake up in the morn i feel like crap ,almost like withdrawl feelings.i take my last dose at 8:00 at night .i take my first dose at 7:00 am and i have to wait an hour before i can get out of my hospital bed to use the bathroom.i have problems all over my body but the latest is a tkr of right knee that didnt work so i barely walk witha cane,and i use a wheelchair.i was thinking maybe something fast acting i could take just in the am . free discount card

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