My ex has done alot of drugs. He left me because now he wants to go back to school and doesnt want a distraction. I didnt talk to him for a week and then he called me again. I didnt know what to do so i talked to him. I feel depressed and sick when i talk to him and i feel so guilty. He is getting worse and I want him to stop. As i said before that he has done drugs in the past and went to rehab but now he is smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and he did two lines of coke the other day, he also smokes pot.I dont know what to do because i do love him but i cant let go because im scared something will happen to him. He went to rehab again when we were together but he left two weeks in. When we were together his drug problem was never this bad. Things between him and i are kinda weird now and he wants me to wait until next summer and then we can get back together. Part of me wants to wait but i want him clean for him self before anyone else. I still talk to him. Should i not? I miss him so badly and want to take him back. Please help. (Sorry its so long.)