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Are Drs able to prescribe Tramadol as an anti anxiety/depression medication?

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chuck1957 22 Feb 2016

Smilecat; This is most common for pain, But it does have SSRI type use's I have no idea why a doctor would prescribe this rather than just go with a better and different ssri because that part does not always work for everyone. If it was my doctor I would not take it because people seem to have a much harder time getting off of this. I would find a new doctor. chuck1957

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WildcatVet 22 Feb 2016

I agree with Chuck. While a doctor could within reason prescribe just about anything off-label, Tramadol is a pain-killer used in the management of moderate to severe pain and withdrawal from it can be a real b... bear.

Delila 23 Feb 2016

Hi, in the UK (where i live), to my knowledge dr's do not prescribe Tramadol in replacement of on label SSRI's. I can understand the theory & i'm sure in some cases it would be successful. My main concern is the rate of misuse, addiction, and dependency, and the fact that in a high number of cases, it is extremely difficult to discontinue, with ugly withdrawal symptoms

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Alpacas25 26 Oct 2018

I have also tried every antidepressant available and just decided I would be depressed for the rest of my life. I hurt my back almost a year ago and have been taking the same low dosage of tramadol and it doesn’t do much for pain but I have never felt better in my life as far as mentally. I would like to use this for antidepressant but my dr says he won’t prescribe it.

Nitro061 31 Oct 2018

Tramadol is not meant to be used for anything but severe pain relief and management. Very bad idea for an anti depressant.

Lawrence1264 14 Nov 2018

Nitro061 please do your research before providing “answers” to questions posed here. Your opinion is not an answer, and you are misinformed. tramadol quite effectively blocks serotonin reuptake, much like SSRIs, which is why it has a tremendously positive effect on eliminating depression. The main drawback, and biggest reason most doctors won’t prescribe it for depression (besides that it isn’t indicated for that) is because it is habit forming, and withdrawal is difficult, with potentially very severe side effects. free discount card

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