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Are drs giving placibo,meds.??or should I ask can they??

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kaismama 4 Dec 2012

No they cannot, at least if you are in the states. Its illegal not to tell the patient what he is taking.

bill428 4 Dec 2012

Thank you, i didnt think they could.

kaismama 4 Dec 2012

If they told you, it would negate the effect of the placebo, so that would be pointless, lol.

happybrandee 5 Dec 2012

No they can't , at least not without telling you first! They do it for studies but you know ahead of time that you may get placibo and you sign up for the study, but if you are going to a doctor to be treated for something then no , they don't give out placibos. I am curious... why are you asking this?, if you don't mind me asking...

bill428 5 Dec 2012

Well, i am taking hydromorphone 4mgs and most days dont feel like it works, i have lower & upper back injures, i have been dealing with over 8 years, most days its like it doesnt work likeshould

happybrandee 5 Dec 2012

Ok... I understand what you are saying. I have upper back injuries from 3 car accidents!! I was rear ended 3 times within 5 years and on the 3rd accident I ended up with 3 crushed vertibra (is that how you spell it?) in my upper back between my shoulder blades. I know how bad back pain can be! You build a tolerance to opiate pain medications and this may be why your medication isn't helping you. You need to talk to your doctor and tell him or her that it is not helping you like it used to. good luck!!

bill428 6 Dec 2012

Happybrandee , Thank you , yes i know about tolarance, i have been changed from my breakthrough meds , daulaid is the brand name,and they say it is better than morphine,run out of room!!

bill428 6 Dec 2012

Pt2, so i really want it to work, running out of options. Bill free discount card

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