the clinic wants me to come off methadone 50 mg a day because i have no money ,,i am one of those 99ers looking for work... i had cold turkeyed from 100 mg and thought i was at my deathbed litterally..i have congestive heart faliure and stage 3 pherephial edema in my lower legs..they want me to pay 84 $ a week or they start dropping me my dose by 50mg a day..and i am shaking in my shoes ..can the clinic do that legally ive always been on time and have gotten my life back together the 2 long years everyday driving there.should i call medicaid until they are blue in the face from hearing from me all day and all week..possibly they can put me on emerjency medicaid for only the methadone clinic so i can come of this crap correctly because i dont want to become another statistic and i was ready to start comming down anyways VERY SLOWLY,,2MG A WEEK? i need help with this situation anybody pleeeeeze !!! i dont know what to do ,,thank you in advance for any info u can supply