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Dromadol SR - Does tramadol 50mg tablets cause swelling in ankles and legs?

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amberDan 29 Dec 2010

Ive been taking tramadol 50mgs for 10 months now due to a broken collar bone and Ive never had a problem with swelling.. but you do build a tolerance which will cause you to take more and more so be careful.. thats what has happened to me.. i take about 8 a day.. when i dont have them its not pretty.. just like coming off of an opiate..

enriching 22 Aug 2011

I have been put on tramadol slow release and my legs and ankles are so swollen and very uncomfortable ie: can not bend them, Will i have to come of these tablets at all. Helen

enriching 22 Aug 2011

Tramadol does not take my pain away all the time. I missed my morning tabs and i thought i was dying.. Helen..

Carolina Red 10 May 2012

I do not know if tradmol casues swelling or not, but I need to know if anyone out there that has been taking this med over a period of time has seen
weight gain other than swelling? Please answer thi question, thanks
I have to take tradmol 50 mg about 3 times a day for head aches due to a chemical embalance that I have. thanks free discount card

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