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Dromadol SR - Is it dangerous to suddenly stop using tramadol after using it for close to 4 years?

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Anonymous 29 Mar 2012

Hi Mila1413,
I've heard that it's best to taper off of tramadol. Tramadol has an SNRI quality to it, so if you find yourself depressed after going off of it, see a doc asap.
Ask your doc to make a taper schedule. If you are taking them without your doc's knowledge, someone here can make a taper schedule for you. Opioid/Opiate withdrawal is highly unpleasant. And trams are a synthetic opioid.
Good luck, hope you feel fine while tapering off.

Mila1431 29 Mar 2012

Thank for your help. It has not been Pleasent at all.

Anonymous 30 Mar 2012

Hi again Mila,
How are you feeling today? Are you sleeping? Eating? And most important, you need to keep yourself hydrated, so drink water or gatorade.
Hope you are doing well this evening.
Best wishes to you,
sweet lemon

caringsonbj 29 Mar 2012

I have never ever taken it but I think if it is related to in any way to help relieve pain then I think it's just a good idea to not stop it abruptly, sometimes the body reacts stressed, so I don't think it's like some of the other narcotics but after all it's worth preventing withdrawl in any way than to feel stressed due to it. take the best of care! Caringsonbj (Billy)

Anonymous 31 Mar 2012

Have yourself a great day my friend. Coffees perking.

Richard III 29 Mar 2012

No matter what you do and what route you to stop, you are going to feel the pain. It took me three weeks before I was even close to normal. I went cold turkey because I know myself, but whatever method works best for you... DO IT. I was on it for legit medical reasons since 2004. It's the devil's drug and only a technicality keeps it off the Schedule. Best of luck and stay hard. It's a Nantucket sleigh ride, but worth it when you come through the other side clean.

Mila1431 29 Mar 2012

Thanks for the encouragement. How did u deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

Richard III 29 Mar 2012

Well, I knew I was going to be sick and I knew it would hurt (I am a nurse) so I squirreled myself away in a campground far away from home where I knew no docotor was going to ever give a walk-in tramadol. It helps if you have the time. A lot of people have tapered off with success and God bless 'em. I just knew me and knew so long as they were there, I was going to eat them. You can do it, but I will be honest... it was no fun. God bless, dear heart. I will be thinking of you, I promise.

Mila1431 29 Mar 2012

Thank u so very much. This is day number one and I barely got out of bed. But these comments and personal stories have truly been helpful. free discount card

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