I have been on Xanax for almost two years now. Was on 2mg a day and in the past 6 months have gotten it down to 1.25-1.5 a day (please no lectures on being on Xanax for this long. Clearly on it for a reason). I also take Zoloft daily.

Anyways, my birthday is coming up and I have avoided alcohol the first few months on Xanax. As my anxiety got better, I started to go out more and would drink non alcoholic beers which never had an effect on me. Since my birthday is coming up and I am going out to a club with friends, I would like to enjoy two beers, no hard liquor. I generally take my Xanax when I wake up, mid day around 3-4pm and before bed. If I take my mid day one by 4pm and am first going out to the club at midnight will I be ok to have a beer or two? I would also not take my nightly Xanax dose.