Hello. As much as we don't like talking about it. I have too. I've always had regular, once a day movements. Past couple years. It's become longer and longer before I can. This time I'm going on over 3 weeks. I get what I call "flare ups". I start by not feeling well. Might have a very loose stool. Small fever. Nauseated. And jus feel like crap. Kidneys hurt. Then. I can't go. I get more and more sick feeling. Cramps. I get a huge bulge on my left side where my colon is. U can feel it filled all the way up. Once In a while I might get a very small thin something out. But that's it. I lose weight. Which I don't know how since I'm so full of crap! Loss of appetite. Obviously. I eat fiber. Fruit. Things to help. Nothing. My question is. If I drink magnesium citrate, will it get it out and loosen it all? Or will it make things worse. Like cause my stomach to bloat, making what's closer to my intestines loose. And what's in my colon block it cuz it's so hard. Like I'm going to explode?? Any one else have this?? PLEASE HELP.