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If I drink a lot on warfarin tablets will it increase or decrease my blood level ?

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kaismama 26 Oct 2014

The biggest danger of drinking allot while on warfarin is that you'll fall down, bang your head and get a subdural hematoma.

Stephen Treloar 27 Oct 2014

I'm not sure what level you are talking about but warfarin and intoxication don't mix as it can increase or decrease blood clotting times (PTT or INR). For a quick read about the nature of the problem:,2311-0&types and what KM said.


petsaremylove 27 Oct 2014

Alcohol can drastically increase your INR level. I was very steady 2.6-2.8 on my Warfarin dose and went to Europe - knew I would be drinking beer in Germany so checked INR every 2 days. Went from 2.7 to 6.2!!! And definitely a problem if you fall and hurt yourself then.

Stephen Treloar 10 Nov 2014

How did you check your INR every two days? I'd really like to know.

Thanks in advance, Steve

petsaremylove 10 Nov 2014

I have my own INR testing equipment and took it with me. It is nice doing self testing because if I question what is going on I can check a level. I usually buy my strips on Amazon - can get year's supply for same co-pay price of 3 months through company. free discount card

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