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Can I drink a glass of red wine, nightly, while I'm taking 50 MCG levothyroxine?

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endlessPred 18 Aug 2012

Thyroid meds are taken on an empty stomach with water only 1/2 hour before you eat in the morning.

Wine at night would not interfer with this unless other meds you may be taking conflict with this. If in doubt, contact your physician.

endlessPred 18 Aug 2012

Never the two together.

Inactive 18 Aug 2012

Great answer my friend... Mary

lanabay 22 Aug 2012

Thanks for the answers. I would never take the two together. My doctor recommends 4oz. of red wine, nightly, to lower cholesterol points. But, now that I'm on medication, I was just wondering if that was ok.

endlessPred 22 Aug 2012

Hi. I find it odd that you are being told to drink wine to lower your cholesterol. It has been shown in the literature that the benefit occurs if you are drinking large volumes only. Also, you can drink grape juice for the same benefit. You might want to do some reading on the subject.

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