I just recently started taking birth control pills and I read tons about it before I began. When I read about it, it told me to take my pills the first Sunday after my period ends but my doctor told me to take it the immediate Sunday , which was like 2 weeks after I had came off of my period. Anyways during my third week of taking the pills I started to experience really bad cramps, hunger, and dark brown blood that was dried. I continued to take the pills for a couple more days but those things still continued so I stopped taking the pills. 3 days after I stopped taking the pills, this dark brown bleeding still continued and I was yet to come on my period. It has been at least a month since my last period and the dark brown bleeding has stopped but I'm concerned about as to why I still haven't came on my menstrual cycle. Was the dark brown bleeding supposed to be my period since my doctor had me start on the pills 2 weeks after my last period? Or might I be pregnant (although I've been using protection)?