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Drank iodized sea salt water instead on non iodized sea salt. What to do?

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Stephen Treloar 8 May 2017

Why is it a problem? Iodine is added in trace amounts as an essential nutritional supplement and is present in a variety of forms (salts) in iodized table salt (NaCl). It is also essential for normal thyroid function.

Inactive 8 May 2017

Have you been told by your doctor that you have an overload of Iodine? Do you have hyperthyroidism or some other disease, which requires you to avoid iodine? Have you eaten shellfish which contain a large amount of iodized sea salt? Have you tried drinking a lot of regular water to flush out the iodized sea salt water? Are you experiencing a large amount of edema or fluid retention from this, are you dehydrated? If you consider this a serious problem, you should discuss this with your doctor as soon as possible. Keep us posted.

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