I had once got these Morphine sa tab in the past, they are blue and oval, scored e658 100. I know they are not what was recomended to me. I was suppose to get MS Contin, which is gray and round, scored m 100.
They do not work the same, even though they are both Morphine. I know there are probably over 100 kinds of Morphine pills, so my doc is now telling me to jus try them. I think they gave them to me becuase it is cheaper than MS Contin, and the pharmacy just wants to save money.
But I as curious if this has happened to anyone else? And would just like a little input, to see which one worked better for you, The SA Tab Blue oval ones, or the MS Gray round ones, they are both 100 mg, thats why there might be the Confusion.
Please just let me know, if you have had them or heard of a friend thats tried them. Mistakes like this should not be made, when it comes to serious Medication like this.Although I know everyone is human.