... also cut my abilify in half, my seroquel by 1/3, my actos altogether (i take an insulin at bedtime), my nuvigil altogether, my chantix by 1/2 and she wants me todo without my tramadol for pain..i can't take nsaids due to having a gastric bypass last year..they say they could cause bleeding, i am only allowed to take tylenol and tramadol. but apparently it is the tramadol interacting with all of my other meds, at least most of them... i was having tremors and stomach and head aches and nausea and of course, my old friend, diarrhea... has anyne else gone through this..i was also getting a little manic on it, which was fine by me, but not to her because i already suffer from insomnia, hence the seroquel... lesliehelen