Hi I've also stopped taking Lexapro because I kept forgetting to take them and eventually I just completely stopped. I believe it's been almost 2 months now? At first I felt depressed and kept procrastinting and then I had dizziness and hot flashes and shock sensation (only twice), and now its itchiness, it started with low itching on my wrist but I couldn't stop and hurt myself bc of the scratching, now this week it's my arm, my foot, my tigh (started today) and literally it's so unbearable I want to take the meds again. Like I'm really decided to do it but at the same time I'm afraid it might do something worse or dangerous but I can't frickin wait for my doctor to get me an appointment, like someone said they're usually "unavailable" and my doctor is so far away. I just wanna know if I take them again with only half for a week then 1 everyday am I going to be okay?