... anxiety for the past 5 months, this is new to me. I had been on fluoxetine for 20 years when the daily anxiety began. Over the past 5 months, I have switched from fluoxetine to Zoloft back to fluoxetine and now possibly Lexapro. Since this began, 5 months ago, I awaken daily with racing thoughts, full body tingles, fear of what the day will bring, I am avoiding things that I think might bring on a panic attack, like traveling to far from home, and being too far from a "safe person". This has REALLY affected my job and my home life. I just want to lose the fear & wake up feeling good again, ready to take on the day! Any thoughts or advice will be greatly appreciated. I understand SSRI's work differently for everyone, I am just tired of trying new medicines an not experiencing any relief. Thank you in advance :)