Dr isn't sure he has a solution to my problem. Went thru 8 rounds chemo for NHL and wasn't forwarned I would go thru instant menopause. The hot flashes are BRUTAL, every 15-20 minutes and severe chills. HRT caused alot of medical issues (large amount discharge and acne++) so that's out. I have Sjorgrens and Myasthenia gravis. Still young. Can't give clonidine due to a med I am on which is contraindicated. I read about Neurotin (gabapentin) but he hasn't. Have you heard of this used for these awful flashes of boiling hot then cold as ice with chills. I have neuropathy thanks to chemo also. Any help? I'm miserable and know no one in this awful predicament. Thanks in advance... Anxious for any replies. Cheers!