... He said it is used off label for pain... I researched and he is correct. Its also used by veterinarians... my cat was given it postop. Anyhow he tried to have me take 2 mg twice daily however I couldnt tolerate even once a day. I have been continuing at .5 mg per day for 11 days. I stopped 48 hours ago, it just made me feel like crap just like any other pain meds. Question: now thst Ive read all of the posts here Im worried about withdrawal. Am I going to have withdrawals now? I once took Percocet 5mg a day for two weeks and had moderate withdrawals for 3 days. I also went through seratonin syndrome on zoloft. Im not sure I can handle another episode. My doc told me this wouldnt cause withdrawals at a low dose like this. So did the pharmacist. Now after researching THAT. Im seeing all of these posts. Ive never had so many issues until this accident and Dr.s RX ing me everything under the sun to "try". I feel like a guinnea pig. I keep telling the docs that I just cant and dont want to take anything then they convince me to try and it just doesnt work for me