About 2 weeks ago I was seen by a urologist who assumes i have over active bladder. He put me on ditropan (oxybutynin). I was taking the pill as directed, twice a day when about into the 3rd day I started having acid reflux symptoms. Yes, I have acid reflux disease (GERD). I tried tolerating the symptoms and remained taking the ditropan before I couldn't handle it anymore. The ditropan was making things worse. And I am not even sure if it was helping my bladder. So I called my doctor and told the receptionist what I was dealing with, she took down my information and said a nurse would be in touch with me. Well, I stuck by my phone all day and nothing. After a whole week, I was still taking the ditropan just decided to lessen the dose thinking maybe just one pill a day will be okay. Nope. About 3 days into that all my GERD symptoms arose again. So I called back the doctor and reported the same things. She said she doesn't know why this isn't being looked into but she guaranteed they would call me back by the end of the day. As you can probably guess, I heard nothing. So I am extremely frustrated and a little angry at that. I have never received such poor care from a hospital before. Nor have I ever been ignored basically. I have decided to come off the medication because the acid reflux gets unbearable for me and yes, I take prilosec and have tried many home remedies. As far as the bladder thing goes, I don't know if I should call and simply report I am coming off of it because no one seems to really care as I take it and when I go for a follow up visit in a month I will tell them exactly what happened. I just want to know why they aren't getting back to me and if I should call and tell them I am stopping the ditropan because I know you should never stop taking something without your doctor's permission except I can't reach mine.