long story short, i have been on bupropion for awile.. was taking 150 morning and evening.. dr switched to XL 300mg once a day.. i have extreme depression, anxiety and think i have PTSD as well. nI then told her i still had symptoms she put me on Buspirone 2 times a day.. been on that for 3 months.. i had to take a medical leave from work last week cause it got so bad.. went to dr and asked her about prozac cause Im in a support group for ptsd on FB and alot said it helped with the symptoms I have.
I also take levothyroxine 25mgs I think, and 50,000 MCG vitamin D once a week

I just looked up interactions and it said SEVERE for Prozac with either one of the other meds i take
I have been on prozac for 3 days now. Honestly when i started taking the thyroid meds and Vitamin D is when my anxiety, agitation, sadness, you name it went out of control

my dr is trying to find a psychiatrist in my area.. should i stop taking one of these meds? obviously i would run it by my dr first, just wondering what you guys think