I have a lot of health issues right now like high BP, high heart rate, "pre-diabetes", and a some other things. I've come down with the bast cold or bronchitis as well as laryngitis or tonsillitis. On both my doctor said either or and didn't confirm one of the other. Also for a red rash on my scalp. He prescribed Prednisone 20mg, one pill per day for 7 days and then to stop.

I'm nervous because people have said this can trigger diabetes or increase BP. Im wearing a heart monitor as we speak due to high BP and high heart rate so this unnerves me. Plus I have read a lot about tapering. He just said 1 per day and then done.

If you think I should take this, should I wait until morning? It's 9pm now.

He also prescribed Z-pack antibiotics but said not to fill them until Monday to see if the prednisone alone is working. Tempted to skip the Prednisone and fill the Z-pack, but very unsure and feeling worse every hour.

Thank you for your time.