I am 59yrs old I've taken adderrall forever . Last year my psychiatrist who was prescribing me adderall tablets 60mg twice a day and 30 mg dextrostat in morning decided not to take insurance patients anymore and I couldn't afford to pay cash so she gave me a letter with what i take in the letter and 6mos to find another Dr. But I have never found a Dr yet that will prescribe me that dose and I can notice the difference and how much I need it My Dr now will not give me anything except one 30mg adderrall twice a day. I went to a new Dr today to see if I can get the dose I need. He said that at my age its the most I can take cause of my age cause it can cause heart problems. He said he can ad 1mg Tenex twice a day to take with the adderal to help it work better but I'm confused from what im reading about it Can you let me know if anyone else takes this combo and how they react? I have narcolepsy too I dont need anything that will make me more tired I also take pain meds and I wear a weekly clonidine patch for my pressure. I had a gastric bypass in 2005 so I am afraid that trying new stuff might not be absorbed for me as well as it does for another and with the higher doses I got before I never had problems so I don't know what the big deal is about giving me what works best for me I'm not hyper I just can't focus or concentrate and so unorganized. My therapist says if my house is cluttered my head is cluttered so I need help from the rx that nobody wants to give me! Thanks for your time and all advice is needed and appreciated!