from blood work I had done in Nov, 2012. I went to the Dr because my hand and foot was very swollen thinking It was infection he said no it was arthritis. He thought it was RA so sent me for blood tests. Later found out not RA and negative on ANA. I am going to lung Dr next week so wanted him to have results. When I picked it up had a test Creatine Kinase Total and was 325 H reference range is 29-143 U/L. He never informed me and did not do a follow-up test. He did send me to Reumitogist in Dec. She never mentioned the tests. Now it is 9 months later. I changed my Dr to a new primary in July. (Should have done it years ago but worried that new DR would not give me ambien). I'm going Monday to her and lung Dr thurs. Any ideas why he would order test then not act on it? Should I be worried? I have lots of muscle cramps in legs and I did have surgery on my hip in April ( always in pain). I have just been diagnosed with ILD, complex kidney cyst and have low cortisol. My thyroid came back normal in March. I have NOT taken any meds or worked out that would raise CK. Help!