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My dr said I have minor stroke symtoms but I can't get a mri for a week. Is he trying to kill me?

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Abigayle 26 May 2013

Well as a doctor and a human being, I sure hope not. If you are feeling ill and have such serious symptoms... I would suggest going to your nearest emergency room. Any type of stroke is serious and help should not be delayed! Better safe than sorry! When you can..please keep us updated here... and I wish you the best!

Inactive 26 May 2013

Thanks for your help. Think I will go to e.r. tomorrw. Thanks always for your help

kaismama 26 May 2013

Do not wait until tomorrow. The longer you wait the more damage done. I can't believe your dr said that. There is no reason you couldn't get an emergency scan with stroke symptoms.

hjeter1217 10 Mar 2014

I am 36 years old, when I was 26 I was diagnosed through the ER with Bell's Palsy since I have had crazy systems migraines, vertigo, metallic taste, tingling in arms and feet, blurred vision, all of these are on and off through the years. I found out the other day that what I actually have been experiencing is mini strokes. In other words, it wasn't bell's palsy. Dr.'s did not appropriately evaluate me because of my age. Looking back now, it all makes sense. I have had many CT scans so I asked why after all of the scans could they have missed something so important, I was told because the didn't see them in CT scans but it showed up plain as day in the MRI. The past month I went to the ER 3 times in one week, so dizzy I was staggering drunk feeling, severe blurred vision, memory issues, studdering, and not being able to articulate my thoughts correctly, elevated blood pressure with no pain any where. I was told Vertigo and sent home all 3 times.

sara12345 19 Mar 2014

You didn't say it, but I hope that you demanded the MRI during your trips to the ER in the past month. If not, you should get one. Good luck.

hjeter1217 19 Mar 2014

at the time I didn't know about the mini stroke think. But I have a known syrinx in c6/7 so because of the alleged vertigo I was sent back to my neurologist who sent me to neuro surgeon who said I have an ependymoma attached to and above the syrinx so because of that he did a head to toe MRI with and w/o contrast and saw over 30 holes on my brain from Mini strokes so because of this I now have years and years worth of explanations for all the things over looked. I am being sent STAT to UAB and you can bet your bottom dollar I am keeping that Brain MRI CD and report on me like a medical alert bracelet and unexplained crap won't be ignored anymore. Very upset that I was dismissed because of my age. My former Neuro was and still is the head of the Stroke Center, I fired him a long time ago because he is and idiot, well, I was right about him. All I can say if have faith in God because these Doctors just don't care and if you are younger you will be dismissed.

sara12345 21 Apr 2014

So sorry to hear about your experience. Yes, younger people than you have mini strokes and even major strokes. I don't know what "UAB" means. Let me know what your course of action is now. And you will probably make gains with your memory and other disabilities, unless you have vascular dementia which means that you will keep getting mini strokes. I would be interested in how you are doing. I myself had a major stroke with many medical problems. free discount card

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