I lost my fiancee a couple yrs ago in a accident. I am single dad that I own my own house and have a good job. The problem is I am not a big fan of seeing Drs. I went to a few and this one did help but she is just a clinic dr that i can only see 5 times a yr on my insurance. I have bad mood swings and worry about things constant. I found out that a xanex works backwards for me then most i am assuming. I take a 1/2 bar at a time and i will be in a great mood, work harder, be outgoing, not forget stuff and have more patience with my daughter. Just this week i took a bar so i could go talk to a primary dr that i can see once a month in hopes she would listen, but instead she put me on paxil and buspar. I have felt like a zombie and sick feeling. I can not take these. Why will they not listen to me, I am not a junkie... I know what works. Xanex make me feel normal and out going again and get more acompolished. How can ya tell a quack you are smarter than them? I diagnoise complex systems for a living and this is a No brainer for me!