I am terrified of my meds not working. I am terrified of passing the worm. I have heard horror stories. Oh god I'm having a panic attack. My cat had tapeworms and a week b4 she ws diagnosed I noticed worm like things. Coincidence. Ribbon flat but prolly 1 mm wide and an inch in length. Obvious segments. But they would my dr give me Albenza (and only 2 2oomg tabs?) When I've heard people taking meds daily for weeks? And why not gove me Biltricide which is praziquantel..the known tapeworm med. Please help I'm freaking out so much he gave me some clonopin to calm down but still. Its gunna take weeks to come out??why does it say it treats infections caused by tapeworm? It doesn't kill it?? Omg panic attack please help.