My daughter has been taking 350mg of effexor to treat anxiety for aprox 8 years. She has become pregnant and the dr to her off of it over a month time period. She suffered very bad withdrawal symptoms. Over the last month I have watched her loose control. As of 3 days ago she has been hospitalized. And is on day 2 of 10mg of prozac. She is feeling very guilty about thoughts of things that she didn't do but believes that she did most of them being sexual. She is crying all the time and panics when she has to interact with other people. I constantly reasure her about her thoughts. I have never seen her this way and am very distressed as she crys when I leave and when I arrive. Her fear of being alone and the guilt is unbareable. The Dr says that she has OCD and sycoses. Before being taken off the effexor she was fine. What can I do or say to help my child get through this hell? Any advice would be welcome