I have an aggressive skin cancer that will pop up again-hopefully as stage one. To get a clear cut after the biopsy, the surgeon whacked off part of my nose and upper lip. It looks like I'm now going to become a friend of an ENT because the sinuses don't drain well on that side-I'm fighting sinus and ear infections-radiology can do that too-so it's a double whammy. I complained to my primary doctor and he wanted to send me to an ENT, as it takes months to get in-but I wanted for radiation to end and see if nature could take care of it. Anyway-back to the question--rescissions trying to get a clear cut for this type of cancer is impossible-the surgeon just presumed that I'd have my face cut off-the next doctor wanted to take my bones and eye out too, so they just do wild cuts. Radiation seems to have worked-but I'm stuck with a little mouth that hurts when I smile, and the ear problem. I just can't go through the surgery shit again. It's one thing to have cyst-mole whatever taken out, but it's another thing to have a strip of flesh that's about 1/2 an inch wide taken out from just above the nostril flare and into your lip-and have your health messed up.