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Dr.change my medication to norco 10-325..what is the 10-325 referred to..thank you?

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HeadStarter 28 Feb 2013

Hello freddyr and welcome to DC. The "10" is the amount of narcotic and the "325" is the amount of analgesic. I hope that answers your question... if not please give more detail in your question which you can edit, so to speak, to add more information.

For instance, what were you changed from??? Are you wondering if you are on the same type of med as before but not sure? Just an fyi for you... when posting a question it is helpful to post it as "conversational" so that the same people can respond to you in an interactive way. Posting as "direct" limits that interaction to "one".

Be well, be safe and hope you are able to manage your symptoms on this dose.


freddyr 28 Feb 2013

wow, this is great i rate you guys a 10... i was changed from vicodine 500mg i have been taking now for 3yrs.for cervical and lumbur stenocis with spongy, although the medication is not very good for the nerve pain on my arm, just the severe back pain.and knee pain..i am real concern of the amount of tylenol i have consume for fear of liver problems and i guess my dr is too thats why he switched. it seams to work ok, but am a lil light neaded with a ring in my ears... can this be avoided,especially the ring..thank you..freddy

HeadStarter 28 Feb 2013

I would think if you are taking only the prescribed amount that you are well under the max recommended dose for tylenol. The amount not to exceed was 4000mg and reduced to 3000mg (I believe that is the right order). If you are only taking 4-5 per day then you should be okay. As far as the other pain is concerned... there are meds specifically for nerve pain. For instance, Amitriptyline is among those meds used for burning type of nerve pain. You didn't say what type of doctor is prescribing for you but I hope you have a pain management doctor who would best monitor yous and best qualified to treat you.

Take good care and be well.


HeadStarter 28 Feb 2013

Hey freddy - I forgot to mention that keeping your head up and above your heart will help with the dizziness. Like when you are sitting and trying to tie your shoes... be careful how you bend over. Also, slow movements when getting up from a sitting position or lying down on perhaps two pillows to keep your head above your heart. I also sleep with a soft neck brace and that helps with radiating pain in my arms plus keeps my head still. I have had cervical and lumbar surgery, too.

It is so unfortunate that there are so many unwanted side effects from the meds that are supposed to help us.


DzooBaby 28 Feb 2013

Norco is hydrocodone (an opioid pain reliever) and acetaminophen ( a non opioid pain reliever) the 10 refers to 10mg of the hydrocodone and the 325 refers to 325mg of acetaminophen. Vicodin is also a "combination" medication meaning it is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. You were probably on Vicodin 5/500 which would have been 5mg hydrocodone and 500mg acetaminophen so your Dr increased the opioid dose and decreased the acetaminophen dose. It should help your pain much better. free discount card

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