I started taking Keppra (levetiracetam) four days ago. In that time, I've had 6 side effects marked 'call your doctor immediately' (chest pain, lightheadedness, trouble breathing, nosebleeds, anger, and dizziness). I've called them and left four messages, but they haven't called me back yet. I'm wondering if those side effects are just ones I should suffer through until they go away, or if I should call one of my other doctor's offices, or if I should just keep calling that one? The Keppra's not helping at all, and it's quickly getting to the point of being unbearable. It's been less than a week, and I'm due to double my dose tomorrow, which I'm really unwilling to do since the effects have been getting worse as time wears on and I'm actively afraid of what doubling the dose will do.