I have a very oily skin and thats mainly why i get acene on my face . I have acene mostly on my cheecks area sometimes on my forehead , but it wasnt very bad but i was bothered with my oily skin more than my acene because i didnot have much . I have gone for a dermatologist and he has prescribed 100mg for 4 months but for a reason i took it only for 2 it got rid of my acene but i still had an oily face after stopping taking the medicine after 2 months i got more acene on my face and most of it is under my skin which is really annoying . I went to the same doctor again after 3 months and he prescribed the same antibiotic 100mg for 2 more months . I have been taking them for a month now but i havent seen a diffrenece in my skin . I still have acene under my skin and it really bothers me . The thing is i read reviews about the antibiotic and how its supposed to be working and its not working that way for me . I am not get dry skin acene is not showing up on my skin after 1-2 and no improvement in my skin is been noticed . I think the medicine is not working for me because along with the antibiotic he gave me a gel to apply at night on the pimples but the thing is i am not getting any all i do get is acene under my skin . Is it the way its supposed to work ? Should i continue or stop taking it ?