Hi, just been given 1x 100mg doxycycline daily for 15days for Lyme disease. I was bit around 6weeks ago, only experiencing mild symptoms. I just got the blood results 2day which showed negative. Knowing how poor the testing is I then asked the nurse if she could give me some antibiotics. She was a little surprised I hadn't been given anything already. 8 days ago when I first went to the doctor, he took a quick look at the rash on my leg and immediately confirmed what I already suspected to be Lyme. I developed a classic bullseye rash which gradually grew to about 8". First day on the medication so I can't realy comment but I wanted to ask if ppl think my doze and course seems okay. From what I can tell most ppl seem to be on a much higher doze. I would rather get a little ill from the drugs side affects than spend potentially the rest of my life suffering from Lyme.