I am 29 years old. i used 7 years contraception pills for make my skin better (bc i had a lot of problem since i am 14). i tried all kinf of retinoid creams, antibiotit cream and gels. Noone cream work. i use the best brends for care face. but it doesn't change situation. contraceptions pills worked but time by time i had more and more side effect. I had to stop using it. Then my acne, oily skin, pimples came back to me more worse. so contraception works if you use it but when you stop problem skin comes back again. What about doxycycline? Is it work just in during using it?
Doctor said me if it won't work next will roaccutan.
so my second question about how long need to wait after doxyxycline treatment for to get pregnant. and how long need to wait after roaccutane treatment. (but I still hope doxycycline will work).
Thank you