For background, I was prescribed Minocyclin (75 mg/twice a day) after an unsuccessful round of Accutane and Septra. The medication did wonders for my skin! However, after three years, I developed gram-negative folliculitis and needed to get off the medication. My skin was clear for 5 months after stopping the medication, but I have had a resurgence of acne in the past three months. Would it be safe for me to go on Doryx, which is also in the tetracycline family, for 2-3 months having been off off of Minocycline for 9 months to hopefully clear my system? (My new dermatologist recommended that I do this at 150 mg/day.) Also, is it possible that the Minocyclin could have stayed in my system for 5 months, which caused my skin to stay clear initially? I am currently also taking Yasmin (birth control). Thanks!