... couple weeks I've been having a crazy attack of chronic hives! Over the past few days, they have gotten unbearable. Over the years I've taken "dose packs", and I have taken prescriptions for up to 40 mg a day for a period of several months. The best I did was for several months I was down to taking 4 mg a day and keeping my eyes under control, but that didn't last.
I've been to the emergency room at least six times over the past four years for the hives. Once I had to go one day and then go right back the next day with swollen lips.
Yesterday I took 55 mg of prednisone. Today I have taken probably 60 mg of prednisone because the 55 mg didn't work.
I have a dose pack it was given to me the last time I went to the emergency room, and then I saw my allergist and he told me not to take them.
What I would like to know is if prednisolone and prednisone equal the same dose?
I appreciate any help anyone can give me!
My husband and I have tickets to a concert this evening and I'm going to go to matter what! :)