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Dose suboxone show up on a drug test?

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izzothecat 9 Mar 2010

Hi Rhonda813-
Unless the person/organization who is asking for the drug screen SPECIFICALLY asks for a buprenorphine test (which costs ~$100-$150... I may be off by ~$25... ), then it will most definitely NOT show-up on a drug screen... and it will certainly not show-up as an opiate on a typical drug-screen, if that is your specific concern. I had the same worry last year when I had to submit a drug sample in order to volunteer for a youth shelter; I never stopped taking my medication, and it never came-up. More recently, I had to provide a drug-screen in order to start a counseling position about 2 months ago; this time I never even worried about it, as I knew (from the first time) that it was not going to be an issue whatsoever.
Whenever you go to your suboxone doctor/clinic (if you are required to provide urine samples when you attend), the only reason they can determine whether or not you have been "sticking" to your medication regimen is because they specifically ask and pay for a buprenorphine test in addition to the "regular" classes of drugs that are typically tested. If you are worried about a standard drug-screen for a job, for example, I feel confident in saying that you need not worry; they do not pay the extra money to test for buprenorphine, particularly as it is not at all well-known in the community/public (i.e., everyone only thinks about Methadone as a treatment for opioid dependency... unless, of course, you are a person who is receiving treatment).
Lastly, if worse comes to worse and--for some reason or another--the specific place that is asking you to take a drug screen DOES actually test for buprenorphine, you cannot really get in much trouble for it. Of course, it depends on the particular circumstances (and the place/reason you are required to be tested), but buprenorphine is used for long-term chronic pain-relief as well...
I believe the best advice for what to do if it were to come-up (as well as to allay any worries you may have), would be for you yo simply ask your own suboxone doctor about the drug screen (and whether or not you should worry about it and/or what approach to the entire matter she or he recommends). He/She will ease any concerns you may be feeling.
I hope that this helps you out, and please do feel free to ask me any further questions regarding the entire matter... I have had 2 separate drug screens while on suboxone, and neither one has ever "shown-up" on the test (simply b/c it must be added onto a standard test, as well as paid for).
I wish you the best of luck, and I will talk to you further if you have any other questions!
Take care,

littlehack 12 Mar 2010

Suboxone will only show up on a drug test "IF" it is specifically tested for. It does not show up as a regular Opiate like... Oxycontin, for example. free discount card

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